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Jump to my discussion with Craig. You want what you see on screen to be the same as what prints, so make sure you work in print layout view. Click the View tab on the ribbon. In the Document Views group, make sure Print Layout is selected. Word is automatically updating the fields when you print. Additionally, I think the images that reappear may be linked images. Even though you deleted the image, there may still be some sort of reference to it inside your document.

When you print, Word is updating the link. Verify that caption fields and linked objects are not updating each time you print. Now test and see if that stops the captions from updating and images from reappearing when you print the document or convert to PDF. If the deleted images still reappear and you are working with Master and Sub documents, delete one of the images in both documents and see if that stops the problem. In Microsoft Word, the formatting data is contained in hidden text markers at the end of each paragraph.

Now look at end of the paragraph that keeps changing to the custom caption style.

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Is there a paragraph symbol there, or does it look like a left-pointing arrow? If it looks like an arrow, delete the arrow, then press Enter to create a hard carriage return. You may need to reapply your custom styles to the paragraph and caption. Check and make sure that each paragraph ends with a paragraph symbol and not two or three soft carriage returns. While the hidden markers are still showing, go through your document and delete stray spaces and tabs. See the discussion, Removing White Space for more help. Stray spaces and tabs cause all kinds of problems with document layout.

From my experience, stray spaces is the number one reason for weird formatting errors. Using multiple soft carriage returns instead of pressing Enter for a hard carriage return is probably number two! I hope these suggestion solve your problems. If so, please leave a comment and let me know what worked so other readers with the similar problems can be helped, too. Have you had a similar problem?

Unable to update captions and cross-references - Microsoft Community

Or do you have an additional answer? Please contribute in the comments section below. These comments were from a previous commenting system. If you want to add to the discussion, use the comment box at the bottom of the page. Thanks so much for your quick reply. I managed to solve the problem with normal text reformatting to caption style.

Unfortunately though I was unable to fix the other problems despite trying all of the things you mentioned.

My captions don’t update and don’t appear in my Table of Figures

I was already using print layout and the update fields and linked data options were already unselected when I checked this. I am not working with Master and Sub documents and I think that I have now removed all stray formatting spaces tabs etc. I am using Word At least we ruled out the most obvious problems. Troubleshooting a broken Word document is often a process of elimination by trial and error. Have you tried opening and printing this document on a different computer? If you have access to another machine with Word installed, please see if the formatting problems appear in Print Preview or Print.

If not, we can rule out that the document is corrupted. If strange things still happen, you can attempt a repair to see if that corrects one or more of your problems. NOTE: Make a backup copy of the file before doing a repair. Follow my instructions for performing an open and repair procedure. Now check and see if any of the strange behavior has disappeared.

Did you hand code any of the caption or cross reference fields?

How to Add, Format, Delete Caption in Microsoft Word 2016

If so, there may be an syntax error that is causing problems with the captions. How big is the file in megabytes? How many megabytes of images? I need to figure out the size of just the text portion of the file. Please keep me posted on your progress.

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I would really like to figure out what is wrong with this particular document because it is exhibiting weird behavior that I have not seen before. Unfortunately neither trying another computer or repairing the file worked. In answer to your questions. Author Info Updated: May 1, Learn more Right-click and select Caption from the context menu that appears.

Inserting Captions

The Caption dialog box appears. If the Caption dialog box does not appear, click Insert, point to Reference and then select Caption.

Update Many Captions and Cross References at Once in Microsoft Word

In the Caption dialog box, enter a caption for the table in the Caption box. Select an appropriate label you want to use Table, Figure or Equation from the Label drop-down box.

Specify the position where you would like the caption to appear in the Position dialog box above or below the table. If you want the captions to be numbered automatically, click on the Numbering tab in the Caption dialog box. How do I group a table and its caption so that they can be moved as one object? Select the caption and go into the Home tab. Select the arrow by paragraph and go over to formatting; select "Keep with Next. Yes No.

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