Partition mac hard drive for windows xp


  1. Partitioning a new hard drive for windows xp on an iMac running El Capitan | Mac Forums
  2. Use Disk Management utility for Windows XP hard drive partitioning
  3. Resize Partitions with Windows XP Partition Manager Software

If you already have partitioned your hard drive, you need a manual installation method.

Partitioning a new hard drive for windows xp on an iMac running El Capitan | Mac Forums

Many of the installations with only one or two Mac OS partitions in addition to Boot Camp can be done by simply starting up the Mac with the XP installer disc and installing into the C: However, due to XP limitations, if you have more than two Mac OS partitions in addition to the Boot Camp partition ie more than three partitions total , XP cannot handle it, as XP can only detect up to three partitions.

The way to get around this three-partition limitation in the XP installer is to trick it into thinking that the Mac OS parititions do not exist.

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Once you conclude installation, one step that I didn't see in other hints that stumped me mainly because it's the RTFM issue, and was my fault was that you can get all the hardware drivers installed by simply inserting your Mac OS Leopard installer disc after rebooting into Windows XP. This will activate all the Ethernet ports, wireless, display, sound card, etc. The following comments are owned by whoever posted them.

This site is not responsible for what they say. Where can I find a freeware program that provides the same "vanish" functionality? JJCortes on Feb 25, '08 Search Advanced. From our Sponsor If the My Computer icn is not seen on the desktop, it should be located in the Start Menu. Right-click on the black bar to see a menu of available options.

Select New Partition After formatting this first partition, the user will need to go back and follow the above steps again to partition and format the left-over unallocated area of the drive. Look at previous step. Remember, to change or add partitions, will destroy any data on the drive. So, be sure to plan out ahead how many and what size partitions you want before creating them. Thanx for this article..

Hi, I have a question: Can i install win xp sp1 on a iMac Oh i dont have the mac installation disk does that also work??? Nice article, Thank you for giving this information. Than deleted it..

The Original way to perform hard drive partitioning before Windows XP came out

Installed again. Please help me. I have a MacAir. Am I doing something wrong. This is great site. Can I install winxp using bootcamp and downloading winxp from a site such as cNet, instead of using a disc — which I no longer have. Dave, great article! By the way instead of partitioning, could I just add an external usb hard drive and us it as my windows drive?

Hello Dave, I have my friends Apple mac laptop, she wanted to install windows XP as a dual boot option. I am only familiar with XP windows and Not Apple OS, so please let me know steps for installation and also how and where to download Boot camp. I appreciate your assistance very much. Do you need to know the version of the Apple OS? Azme Shariff. Will i be able to install Windows on my mac? Hence, how do I make a partition on my Mac? Are there any parallels somewhere? Thank you for your article.

Can you help by any chance? Hi Dave! I have a new MacBook Pro, 13 inch, 8bg ram, gb hard drive. I partitioned the hard drive for XP at 32 gb. It then told me to insert the windows installation cd and so I did. And stayed there. So I held the power button to restart, but now it only brings me back to this screen. I hold the eject button and the XP installation cd will not eject. I am freaking out! Any help you advice you could send my way would be Greatly appreciated!

Im trying to install Windows XP on mac via bootcamp. I have tried this now with 3 different original WinXP discs. Any help would be useful.

Use Disk Management utility for Windows XP hard drive partitioning

What can i do to get my iMac to run it with bootcamp? Installation of XP was successful. But cannot find till now. How can I proceed? Rgds, Nicholas Naing nicholasnaing gmail. Hello, i have a question about it.

And is it possible to both of them macintoch and windows xp?? I followed the instructions on your website, and installed xp on my macbook air. Is there any way I can get the drivers? Pls help!

Resize Partitions with Windows XP Partition Manager Software

Your procedure is different than the one in apple store where we burn the drivers on a cd. How can I fix this? I used your directions last night and everything went perfectly. Your email address will not be published.

How To Partition C: Drive Windows XP

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