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Set the language for a single application Authored by: fds on Oct 10, '06 AM. I find it much easier to use the defaults utility in Terminal, eg. Set the language for a single application Authored by: calitinilo on Oct 10, '06 AM. Set the language for a single application Authored by: liyanage on Oct 11, '06 AM. Set the language for a single application Authored by: marriott on Feb 23, '11 PM. Set the language for a single application Authored by: fred bloggs on May 25, '12 AM.

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Set Locale at System level

Click here to return to the 'Set the language for a single application' hint. Conversely, scripting programming languages , in particular those with an eval function such as REXX , Perl , Python , Ruby or Jython , can be used to implement command-line interpreters and filters. For a few operating systems , most notably DOS , such a command interpreter provides a more flexible command-line interface than the one supplied.

The command line provides an interface between programs as well as the user. In this sense, a command line is an alternative to a dialog box. Editors and databases present a command line, in which alternate command processors might run. On the other hand, one might have options on the command line, which opens a dialog box. The latest version of 'Take Command' has this feature. DBase used a dialog box to construct command lines, which could be further edited before use.

Programs like Basic, Diskpart, Edlin, and QBasic all provide command-line interfaces, some of which use the system shell. Basic is modeled on the default interface for 8-bit Intel computers. Calculators can be run as command-line or dialog interfaces. Emacs provides a command-line interface in the form of its minibuffer. Commands and arguments can be entered using Emacs standard text editing support, and output is displayed in another buffer.

There are a number of text mode games, like Adventure or King's Quest , which relied on the user typing commands at the bottom of the screen.

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One controls the character by typing commands like 'get ring' or 'look'. The program returns a text which describes how the character sees it, or makes the action happen.

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The text adventure The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy , a piece of interactive fiction based on Douglas Adam's book of the same name, is a teletype-style command-line game. The most notable of these interfaces is the standard streams interface, which allows the output of one command to be passed to the input of another. Text files can serve either purpose as well. This provides the interfaces of piping, filters and redirection. Under Unix, devices are files too, so the normal type of file for the shell used for stdin,stdout and stderr is a tty device file.

Another command-line interface allows a shell program to launch helper programs, either to launch documents or start a program.

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  • The command is processed internally by the shell, and then passed on to another program to launch the document. A web browser's URL input field can be used as a command line. It can be used to "launch" web apps , access browser configuration , as well as perform a search. Google , which has been called "the command line of the internet" will perform a domain-specific search when it detects search parameters in a known format.

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    For the Windows component named Command Prompt, see cmd. See also: help command. See also: List of command-line interpreters. Specific help pages can be selected via? Additionally, help for specific commands can be displayed by specifying the command name after?

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    • D will invoke help for the various dump commands like D etc. Notable difference: The Windows Server R2 documentation uses italic letters for "Information that the user must supply", while the Server documentation uses angle brackets. Italics can not be displayed by the internal "help" command while there is no problem with angle brackets.

      Windows Server Product Help. Retrieved 7 April Wine User Guide.

      Keymap extensions

      Retrieved 22 September Retrieved 12 April Retrieved 31 July Advanced Operating Systems. Stanford Computer Science Department. Retrieved 1 August Programmer to programmer. Retrieved 23 March PS stands for Prompt String.

      Different languages between Safari and macOS. HELP

      Acorn Computers Limited. BAT R1. Caldera, Inc. Archived from the original on 8 April Retrieved 8 April Concurrent Controls, Inc. The symbolic instruction debugger SID86 provides a short help screen on?

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      Archived from the original on 7 November Retrieved 7 November This will give you eight screens full of syntax and feature help. Some of these features were also supported by older issues. Archived from the original on 10 September Retrieved 10 September Release in German 3 ed. Retrieved 6 September ZIP collection maintained up to and distributed on many sites at the time. TXT file. The Open Group. Englewood Cliffs: Prentice-Hall.