Aol desktop for mac keeps crashing


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I updated my computer to High Sierra Immediately after the update, mail started asking for passwords for my email accounts. I entered the correct passwords. I know that for sure. I continue to get the message that the password is invalid. I go to Accounts and Preferences and try to enter the passwords there more than one account. Not sure if it matters, but all 3 emails I have are through Godaddy. I did all of the steps you mentioned above and everything is still the same. I still get the error messages and cannot retrieve email in the Mail program any longer.

I have to use webmail now. Vicki, I have never seen this error before. Two suggestions. Have you tried to delete the email account from your MacBook and add it back again? The other suggestion would be to reset your keychain on your Mac. Any suggestions??!?! I skipped the PRAM reset and did the mail plist files and then the envelope plist files and it seems to have done the trick!

It did need to re-import all he messages which took quite a while but completed without error. Briarley, I think we had tried helping someone with removing plist files and posted the same in our FB page with screenshots. This should be in the visitor posts section at facebook. If you still have issues, let us know and we can try sending you some more detailed screenshots. I did the suggested deletions and then Mail said it needed to import messages when I started it up, and reported an error in this process so I could not start up.

So I reversed the deletions of the envelope files, keeping the plist files deleted. It then started up OK and quickly imported the messages that it had not been importing previously, so now it seems to be functioning OK. Thanks for sharing what worked for you. If still not working, then we recommend also deleting the envelope files. We can take a look but your better option is to reach out to Apple Support. Just upgraded to High Sierra Mail opens as expected.

Abbreviated view of messages looks normal. But no content visible when I open a message. Header shows, but no content. I removed the envelope and pref files as above restarted mac and reopened mail and it still quits abruptly within 20 seconds with the message. Any further fixes? Rick, Thanks for the update.

AOL Desktop Gold Download Version 11.2.6 or Higher

Usually those two steps pretty much take care of the crashing issue. What error messages if any do you see in the console as soon as the app quits. See if you can find anything obvious there when the app crashes.

You can also use the search box on the top right corner and look for mail. Keep us posted. In the mean while, we will also check and see if we can find any other tips.

Tried opening my mail from the applications. It still. What do I do Please? Sorry to hear about your problems with the Mail App in High Sierra. Make sure you backup your data first before reinstalling or updating your macOS. Then select reinstall macOS from the on-screen options. Skip to primary navigation Skip to content Skip to primary sidebar Skip to footer.

How to Fix Any Macbook Pro Random System Crash

Search posts. SK Managing Editor.

Quick Fix AOL Gold Icon Not Responding |

The only fix I have found, albeit temporary until it occurs again normally 6 months — 1year , is to do the following: Delete all Exchange accounts and add them from scratch again. Invested hours in removing items, restarts, etc. I am now unable to use Mail on this computer. This is unacceptable. None of these methods are working now. This time round crash throughout, no fix, apparently in High Sierra.

Consider downgrading now. Hi Karl, It sounds like there is something in that email you are trying to send that is corrupt or causing problems. Thank you so much for that. Now have access to User Lib again… — the email is my standard text written in Pages and copy pasted to email, the one before that had PDFs and png. No more crash.

Aol desktop for mac keeps crashing

Changed to Outlook and all worked fine. WHEN are they going to fix this problem??? HI Leonard. Go to Finder and select Home Select the Library folder. Then go to Preferences folder and locate the file com. Restart the computer, open the Mail app, and test. If it works okay, delete that plist Sam.

My mail is crashing now on all my computers…nothing is working?? Or use Spotlight Search and typing Mail and see if it launches. This problem is unfortunately not new! It seems to plague Macs every now and again.

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Hi Ale, Try launching in Safe Mode and see if it detects anything. Another option is to reinstall macOS, but make sure you backup first. Hi Sun, Try running connection doctor and see if there are any issues noted. It looks to see if your account can receive mail and then checks if it can send mail Any account marked in red has a connection issue. If an issue is detected, Connection Doctor shows a summary of the issue To find out more about the issue, press Show Detail and then Show Logs to have Connection Doctor display the log of each connection Sam.

Hi Brian, Thanks for sharing what worked for you. Thank you for your insight and for sharing! We really appreciate it.

Aol Desktop Gold

I have a screen shot of the console when mail crashed. How can I send it to you. If AOL Desktop Gold Flash player problems are troubling you during download, installation, upgradation, or while the player is Help me! AOL password is majorly a string of characters that protects all important information in an AOL mail account. And, if you have Still not able to find solution? Call Now, try inspect Finding it hard to resolve both the AOL error codes and ?